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I was just elected to the board of NCAC.

From their website:

The National Coalition Against Censorship, an alliance of fifty-two participating organizations, is dedicated to protecting free expression and access to information by:

  • Providing educational resources and advocacy support to individuals and organizations responding to incidents of censorship
  • Educating and empowering the public to fight censorship
  • Documenting and reporting on current censorship issues
  • Expanding public awareness of the prevalence of censorship and suppression of information
  • Working to influence judicial opinions about free expression and access to information by submitting amici briefs.

In light of my work (along with former ABFFE intern Alita Edelman) on mapping banned books, some current members of the board nominated me. I’ll be advising them on a variety of issues, including new media, digital native perspectives on censorship and information issues, and so on.


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