This Dr Pepper Ad Sure Is Sexist

by on Nov.12, 2011, under general

Sometimes I get linked to unbelievably sexist ads from the early 1900s and I can laugh at them from this cozy corner of enlightened modernity. Then, while watching Oregon vs. Stanford tonight, I saw this unbelievably sexist ad from the early 2000s.

Stay classy, Dr Pepper.

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  1. Bill Bushey

    The whole man-focused Dr. Pepper Ten campaign is more confusing than it is sexist. Its sexist for sure, but much of the content of that ad is over the top call outs to the well of hollywood stereotypes of both sexists (men like boomie things, women like click-flicks) that are insulting generalizations of both sexes (which, to be honest, is what major media does to everybody and everything).

    What’s confusing is why the campaign even exists. Somebody at Dr. Pepper probably looked at market data and though “wow, men seem to like diet soda even though its traditionally marketed to women.” And instead of deciding to market Diet Dr. Pepper to a general audience, somebody though “lets do gender based marketing in the opposite direction, AND BIGGER”. Apparently Dr. Pepper thinks everything has to be divided along gender lines, even when they are selling the exact same product to both genders.

    OK, I take back my opening sentence. The more deeply I think about this, the more sexist it gets.

  2. Occupy me

    Oh wth. Super sexist. Uber fail. :c This is the kind of brainwashing the media does to us. *sigh*

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